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Messaging services - Best softwares

Many will say that the best messaging service is the one that attracts most customers, but that is not the case. We believe pretty much that Hinezumi is the best one out there, and still we have first begun to get our app on people's phones..

But when it comes to numbers, the unbeaten champion is WhatsApp, they have over 1 billion unique users in February this year. The app is also known for several other things, as being worth 19 billion (at least bought for that number by Facebook) and developed by only 3 people plus the 2 founders..

Just a few days ago one more messaging service hit the big number of 1 billion users each month. The name of this one is Facebook Messenger, which is as you can see also a Facebook owned service. That makes Facebook the ultimate champion of messaging services.

A good one is also Viber, they have about 300 million users each month and they tend to be WhatsApps' biggest rival. Still, in Korea, Japan and China there are a few 100 - 150 million user apps that are popular mostly for their writing adaptation. Thus there is no universal app that is used all over the world and adapted to all kinds of languages and writings. Hinezumi tends to be that kind of a messaging service, with many other, almost forgotten features, like chat rooms.

Still the most important thing is to remain security and a friendly design and interface. MSN is also widely known as being one of the most popular messaging services back in the day when internet just started. They had hundreds of millions of users, but since it was a Microsoft company and they saw much more profit with their other software - Skype, they shut it down.