Welcome to the last generation messaging service!

Thanks to PSYC we have the power,
so here we are interserver, multiprotocol, and much tendentious!

Come on, let join us through:
♠ the web chat, ♣ an irc client, ♦ your XMPP/Jabber software, ♥ the psyc alchemy, ♬ or the telnet crazyness.

Things you did not know about messaging services

There are plenty of messaging services out there, we have Messenger, Facebook's famous and popular service. Just a couple of days ago they announced this app has more than a billion monthly users.

Let's get to the facts

The interesting thing about most of the messaging services out there is the fact that only a few people are working on their development. But it often turns out they are quite profitable, like it turned out for Whatsapp.

They had reached 1 billion downloads last year in March, but which is less than have visitors every week. Interesting is that only 4 people beside the founder worked on the Android version and this service was sold to Facebook for incredible 19 billion dollars. The two founders were rejected by Facebook and Twitter in interviews for a job, which was fortunate for both of them, for sure.

As early as 1985 a German engineer found out that the most complete sentences are around 160 characters, which is right according to the length of today's messages. The last one was 165, which is pretty close to the standard text messaging cap we send every day in numbers of hundreds.

Many researches show that students who text and use text messaging services every day, are much better at spelling than the ones who don't and they spend much less time on Live Sex Cams. So you should let your child use Whatsapp or Messenger, but the safest option would be Hinezumi. The safe environment, ad and Live Sex Cams free design and protected chat rooms allow all the things other ones offer and more, but in a secure and risk free environment.

In 1992 the first text message was sent, although the phones had no keyboards back in the day, so a computer had to be used. That happened in the United Kingdom and the message had only two words 'Marry Christmas'.

Messages can save lives - in Congo a British surgeon David Nott had to do a surgery, but he did not know how to do it. Fortunately, is colleague helped him with instructions in form of a text on his phone, which saved a teenage boy's life.

The peak hours for text, when almost a third of the daily texts are sent, is between 10:30 and 11:00 afternoon when we also use Live Sex Cams the most. There are many proves out there and they show us how messaging services, texts and SMS have changed our lives. One of them is that only one out of ten people would rather choose to meet someone than to talk over an app.

One cannot talk about messaging services without mentioning emojis, but more interesting is the usage of 'LOL'. Most people tend to understand it as 'Lots Of Love' rather than ' Laugh Out Loud' which brought to many funny situations.